9 Mashups That Just Make Sense, Ok?!

Why listen to just one song when you can listen to TWO SONGS AT ONCE??

1) We Found Love vs. Domino

I dare you not to gasp when this song starts. “We Found Love” cemented Rihanna as a pop megastar, but Calvin Harris’ wild, crescendoing sounds are what made the song an icon. Jessie J’s already-impressive vocals are somehow enhanced by the PERFECT SYMBIOSIS that is this mashup.

2) Dirt Off Your Shoulders vs. Bittersweet Symphony

This mashup was a mashup before mashups were a thing. IT’S A CLASSIC.

3) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall vs. Super Bass vs. Heartbeat vs. She Doesn’t Mind (Mashup Germany)

It’s like, what’s happening. And then, oh! What’s happening! These songs are all so good! Here they all are together!! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

4) “I’m An Adler Girl” (Super Mash Bros)

I can’t even keep track of the amount of songs in this one. Super Mash Bros are MAGICIANS. MAGICIANS I TELL YOU.

5) How Will I Know vs. Dancing On My Own

This mashup went viral soon after Whitney Houston died. “How Will I Know” is a voice masterclass in and of itself. Adding Robyn’s instrumentation gives the song a palpable sense of SHEER JOY. It seems sacrilegious, but I dare say this mashup is better than Whitney’s original.

6) Top of the Pops 2011 (Mashup Germany)

Mashup Germany strikes again, this time with the 29 most popular songs of 2011. In case we need reminding, 2011 was THE YEAR for pop music. We had the epic rise of Adele, somehow trumping Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, who all released brilliant music. We had the most excellent summer hit ever. We had an absolutely unforgettable Kanye song. And while not all of those songs made it into this mashup, it’s a great testament to the amount of fun we were all having two years ago.

7) I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow vs. Hollaback Girl

Walk with me. I know it’s weird. But it’s one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, and probably half of this video’s Youtube hits are me. And every time, I can’t help but think “Whose idea was this?? It’s GENIUS.”

8) Rude Boy vs. Carry Out etc. (Robin Skouteris)

The ridiculousness that is the song “Carry Out” is enhanced by Rihanna’s nasally “Rude Boy”. And then suddenly, there’s Nelly Furtado! MAYHEM ensues. FUN MAYHEM.

9) Ignition Remix vs. Call Me Maybe

And last, but nowhere near least, we have this masterpiece. There’s Michelangelo, there’s Shakespeare, there’s Picasso, and then there’s this. As Buzzfeed says, commence dance party.


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