Smart Pick of the Day: Chet Faker

Remember that moment in the movie Pitch Perfect where Anna Kendrick breaks it down and reminds us all how great Blackstreet is? And everyone’s suddenly like “Ay yo ay yo ay yo ayyooooo”? “No Diggity” is a sultry, infectious Jam with a capital J, burrowing its way past your brain and into your butt. It’s also just vintage-cool enough to warrant groovy covers by angsty hipster musicians. Like Chet Faker!

This cover is both creamy and crunchy. It’s like if Ben and Jerry’s made a remix. Faker’s seductive huskiness somehow works brilliantly with the song’s lyrics, which are basically about sexual conquests, bitch (oh and “eargasms”). So the sleaziness is still there, but the sound has downshifted into a cabin-in-the-woods-esque electro groove. Chet Faker’s other music is definitely worth a listen too, it makes great background music if you’re sitting around discussing beards.


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