Wait, Katy Perry’s New Song Is Amazing

So while Miley was making it her personal mission to have everybody talking about her, and Gaga was desperately trying to cope, and Rihanna was busy Instagramming photos of her basher-boyfriend or whatever, Katy Freaking Perry was apparently in the corner, quietly putting together what could be one of the most wonderful pop albums ever. Well, not quietly, of course. Miss Katy’s persona can often reek of cheesy vanity – I went around declaring her unlistenable while that noisy documentary of her life was in theaters. But here’s the more important thing about Katy Perry’s persona: she’s really fun. Her music is catchy, her vibe is over-the-top, and her style somehow mixes cute and sexy and glamorous party girl. What I’m trying to say is: I dare you not to smile when you hear this song.

I like Katy Perry but like when's her album coming out???

I like Katy Perry but like when’s her album coming out???

My only issue is she waited to release this until after MY birthday!

Miss Katy’s new album, ‘Prism’, has just released its iTunes snippets and her singles are trickling through the web. They’re amazing. “Walking on Air.” “Unconditionally.” “Roar,” of course. They’re all pretty much amazing. Especially “Birthday.” It makes me want to run through a waterfall of glitter. (Although that creepy whispering at the end is iffy.)

I guess the reason I’m finding it so refreshing is equal parts a) nostalgia for that golden era of estrogen-powered pop two years ago, when songs like this came out all the time, b) it feels so true to Katy’s musical style, but the bouncy 80’s vibe feels novel, and c) Mileygate has just been exhausting and trivial and so not about just having a good time. Katy’s having a great time. She was having a great time kissing girls and geeking out and, of course, shooting whipped cream out of her tits, and now she’s having fun with a no-nonsense approach to 2013 pop. Or rather, just the right kind of nonsense.

On the 22nd, I will eagerly be watching the news for the moment ‘Prism’ knocks that sorry excuse for an album ‘Bangerz’ off the charts. Rock on, Katy.


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