I’m (Sorta!) Published in New York Magazine!

I'm (Sorta!) Published in New York Magazine!

So for years I’ve said my ultimate pie-in-the-sky dream is to be published in New York Magazine. I’ve read most of the past year’s issues cover to cover, so enamored of the eloquent writing, the glossy ads, and most of all, the sense that New York City is the bustling, romantic home it’s meant to be. In my list of pros and cons of living here, this magazine is near the top of the “pros” because reading it makes me feel like there are, in fact, real communities in New York.

Anyway, at the beginning of every issue they give an overview of some of the responses to articles in the previous issue. My mini-outburst about the high cost of anti-cancer drugs – fueled by the issue’s cover article, which is definitely worth a read! – has been highlighted alongside Harvard professors and Freakonomics writers. I’m realizing more and more that Twitter is truly a miraculous thing. Being quoted in New York Magazine isn’t quite the same as being published, but I’ll certainly take it. Thank you all for your support and continued readership. Stay tuned.


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