It’s a Lianne La Havas Kind of Day

Curled up by the windowsill with my coffee and laptop warming me up, watching the first drizzle in a while fall gently outside, all I can think is today is a Lianne La Havas kind of a day.

“Got so hot in the city
That I
Forgot everything I was looking for
Made my way to the dance floor
And I
Danced till I wasn’t drunk anymore”

Is there such thing as a coffeshop diva? When it comes to mellow, groovy singer-songwriters, Miss La Havas really can’t be beat. The British chanteuse floats huskily somewhere between Jill Scott, Adele, and Corinne Bailey Rae. Ever since her startlingly charming performance on Jools Holland in 2011, she’s been pumping out gorgeous, searing tune after gorgeous, searing tune. Her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough?, was named iTunes Album of 2012. She’s performed with Alicia Keys, Bon Iver, and Joss Stone (warning: overly awesome related videos… click with caution).

There’s an easy-going fabulousness in her work, certainly, and she’s got rockin’ eye makeup and pipes to spare. But she occasionally allows a glimpse into something decidedly stormier, as with her crescendoing acoustic version of “Forget,” or the swooning, bitter ballad “Empty,” apparently performed in one take on a bus. This chick has heartbreak for breakfast. I’ve fallen willfully under her spell.

Also I’m LIVING for this outfit:

Lianne La Havas at MTV's Staying Alive 15th Anniversary Gala

Lianne La Havas at MTV’s Staying Alive 15th Anniversary Gala



3 thoughts on “It’s a Lianne La Havas Kind of Day

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  3. I love me some Lianne, just put on her song “Lost and Found” after reading this. She is so sultry, what a great voice to brighten up a rainy afternoon!

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