Smart Pick of the Day: Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach has been on my radar since the release of this delicious slice of alterna-electropop-rock:

But with the coming release of their new album Blonde, and the poppy “Miracle,” they could be dipping their toes into the mainstream! Ghost Beach falls in line with the ever-growing trend of 80s-tinged electro-pop, well within the confines of hipsterdom. “Faded” and the last minute of “Too Young” borrow heavily from electronic, even a bit from dubstep. But the huge, fake, cavernous-sounding vibes of “Been There Before” is all 80’s. They embody the idea that pop culture is always looking back over a specific amount of time. Nostalgia is a marker of current-day taste, a trendsetter as much as a sentiment. “Moon Over Japan,” the first song on the album, positively cranks up the 80s-ness, and has a bonkers music video to boot.

So much fun. March 4th, Ghost Beach!


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