Smart Pick of the Day: Vintage Lady Gaga, “Paparazzi”

I know after the Gaga Saga I sort of swore I’d never write about her again, but I’m battling both a minor cold and a minor case of blogger’s block, so what the hell, I’ll give my Mother Monster another go. Mind you, this video is five years old, just before Gags hit her prime, and long before she blipped from “rising pop star” to “bringing outré to the mainstream” to “desperate performing artist” on the cultural radar. But it’s a reminder of Lady Gaga’s quintessential mix of eccentricity and raw talent:

Girl studied classical piano, people! Respect.

Her most recent video, “G.U.Y.“, has much of the striking titillation from her heyday that provides – if not food for thought, then at the very least, eye candy. As usual, choreography that counts Madonna and Britney among its ancestors is fun choreography.

But personally, it’s hard to invest or investigate meaning in Lady Gaga’s more recent music videos (say, everything post-“Yoü and I“) because the music doesn’t have the same gut-punch effect it used to. Let’s not forget, when “Bad Romance” hit the airwaves and its video hit our eyeballs, we all basically shat our pants. It doesn’t help that most of the lyrics on ARTPOP are insipid in the extreme. (Possibly intentionally? ART, YOU GUYS!!!)

If I developed the same rich, personalized attachment to “Venus” and “Artpop” as I did from the moment I first heard “Born This Way” – in the car with my swim team, driving to dinner, full-body chills when the beat dropped – I might be excited to read into Lady Gaga crawling around as a deranged angel or whatever. Maybe I am a product of the Twitter generation, and even trippy pop star shenanigans can’t impress me for very long. Either way, I couldn’t hum the tune to “G.U.Y.” if you offered me free Beyoncé tickets.



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