Smart Pick of the Day: Pronunciation Manual

Out of all the Youtube wormholes one can fall into, Pronunciation Manual is undoubtedly the best. When shared among friend groups, I’ve found it transcends boundaries, unites strangers, and tickles even the most resistant funnybones. Inside jokes have never been so instantaneously easy to create. Though I still don’t know anything about him, I have been a longtime fan of whatever dude is behind these 8-second viral gems of mispronounced words:

Inspired by Pronunciation Book, a series of Youtube tutorials designed to demonstrate the proper enunciation of difficult words, Pronunciation Manual has amassed over 80 million views and been featured on Ellen. It’s the only Youtube channel I’ve ever subscribed to, because now and then another eight hilarious seconds will come along and inject some absurdity into my day.

My favorite one is probably this one:

Although my friends and I also enjoy “Hors d’oeuvres,” “Justin Bieber,” “Phở,” and of course, “panties.” And “faux pas” is an instant classic:

I encourage you to take at least eight seconds out of your day to find your particular favorite. It is, incidentally, the third year anniversary of Pronunciation Manual’s first uploaded video. Is it weird that I know that? Regardless, it’s a winner:


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