There are only two more chances to see Antonia Lassar’s rip-roaring, thought-provoking, solo-clown show Post Traumatic Super Delightful, at the New York Frigid Festival: Wednesday, March 4 at 5:30pm and Friday, March 6 at 8:30pm. See it! See it if you consider yourself a feminist, see it if you or someone you know identifies as a survivor of sexual assault, see it if you’re a college graduate. Lassar and director Angela Dumlao are using the power of theater to both educate audiences on an increasingly hot-button issue and offer a revolutionary way of discussing it: through laughter. Read my review below or over at

Post Traumatic Super Delightful

Antonia Lassar in ‘Post Traumatic Super Delightful.’ Photo by Kati Frazier.

BOTTOM LINE: Equal parts incisive and hysterical, Antonia Lassar’s one-woman show investigates sexual assault on college campuses using clowning and laughter as a means of healing.

Can sexual assault be funny? As one character in Antonia Lassar’s Post Traumatic Super Delightful points out, laughter “means connection with someone.” What better way, then, to cope with the lingering anguish of rape than finding a way to collectively laugh about it?

Lassar’s solo show, now playing at the Kraine Theater as part of the aptly named Frigid New York Festival, opens with a series of fart noises interrupting a tormented confession from a survivor. The scene invites you to laugh — in fact it dares you not to — just as the play later invites you to sympathize with an alleged rapist. Continue reading


Smart Pick of the Month: Bob’s Burgers

I know I’m late to this party, but Bob’s Burgers has been getting me through the cold hellish madness of February in NYC. As the snow outside lather-rinse-repeats itself into grotesque gray slush, I’ve been curled up with Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher, laughing at their endearing foibles and astonishing comic timing. It’s a show about losers, but a family of losers – there’s too much heart for us to ever be laughing at their expense. The above clip is from the season 5 premiere, where the cast to sings the title song from their theatrical mashup of “Working Girl” and “Die Hard,” joined by Carly Simon.

“Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” is basically my 2015 motto.

Smart Pick of the Day: Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig Singing “Let It Go”


As we all know, women are funnier than men. And these two made the list a year ago (in fact, that needs a part 2 doesn’t it?) because they are both geniuses. Seeing them be effortlessly funny together almost made my brain explode. They can do no wrong.

I don’t know what’s going on, but there is an influx of eerily Jack-specific culture coming in at the moment. Things are really lookin good for people with my particular taste in music, comedy, movies – did I mention seeing Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy meant I can officially die happy?

What’s next, amiright? Next you’re going to tell me, I don’t know, like, Elisabeth Moss is coming to Broadway.



The Only Damn Christmas Song Worth Hearing Every Freaking Year


So I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I understand the comfort of routine, the family and friends coming together, etc. But there’s an intensely materialistic odor hanging over the jolly proceedings, a fervid affinity for plastic and cash that never fails to depress me. That and the music. Annual repeats of the various Christinas and Bublés (don’t even get me started on this fucking fiasco) just do not make my yuletide gay. The only person who should be allowed to sing Christmas tunes is Ella Fitzgerald, and even her “giddYAP giddYAP giddYAP LET’S GO” is a cheese grater to my ears.

However! A bizarre tradition has emerged over the years between me and some of my closest friends. Our above-and-beyond favorite Christmas song is and probably always will be… Continue reading



Theatre Is Easy, a website dedicated to evaluating New York theater and making it more accessible to the masses, has provided the internet an excellent record of everything from big-budget musicals to off-off-Broadway experimental theater. Amateur theater critics write and edit succinct, often eloquent appraisals in an effort to give potential theatergoers a bottom line about what’s out there. It’s great!

Their newest contributor, yours truly, penned a review for The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told, which can be read at the site now! Or below:

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Smart Pick of the Day: “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2” from Season 3 of LOUIE

I suspect there are two groups of people when it comes to comedian Louis C.K. – either you know and adore him, or you haven’t spent enough time with his comedy to appreciate him. It only takes one Youtube video or standup special to transition from the latter group to the former. As someone who has recently made this transition, I highly recommend taking twenty minutes out of your day to watch an episode of his acclaimed self-produced FX show Louie.

Louis C. K. and Parker Posey in "Louis"

Louis C. K. and Parker Posey in “Louis”

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I Genuinely Don’t Know How To Feel About ‘The Spoils of Babylon’

So Will Ferrell is producing a six-part miniseries The Spoils of Babylon. Premiering in January, it stars Tim Robbins, Tobey Maguire, Jessica Alba, Haley Joel Osment, Carey Mulligan, and my Idol, Kristen Wiig. It’s about an oil tycoon passing on the family business to his son and daughter and it’s playing on IFC. Everything I just said sounds amazing. Right? So why am I so profoundly confused by this trailer?

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